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To determine if we are a good fit, consider these 5 questions:

1 Do you have a whole room or multi-room project for which you want a beautifully integrated finished product? (And of course I am glad to help you break your project into phases.)

2 Do you value beautiful design and excellent design service?

3 Do you consider your home an investment or a reflection of you and your family?

4 Do you have a budget set aside for your project?

5 Are you in need of someone who will use your budget well and someone who can make the whole process of design easier and less stressful for you?


If you answered “Yes” to all or most of these questions, I can very likely help you!

Let’s set up a phone call to discuss in greater detail your project needs, timeline, hopes, concerns, as well as how I work and can help you. I promise after this phone call, I’ll know if it makes sense to meet.

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